Why Georgia

Wherever we had been in Russia, in Moscow, in the Ukraine, in Stalingrad, the magical name of Georgia came up constantly.People who had never been there and who possibly never could go there, spoken of Georgia with a kind of longing and a great admiration.
- John Steinbeck, A Russian Journal.

We adore our mountains and the sea, history and culture, traditions and cuisine, songs and dances, and yes! We can talk about it endlessly. We collect the sun in the grapes, fill them with wine, and wholeheartedly treat every guest of Georgia.

Let me ask you 

Do You love mountains & feel like exploring caves? Are You in love with the Sea? You love the Arts? Are You interested in wines? Are You a gourmet? Have You heard anything about Georgian “Supra” (feast)? Do You like visiting families and people? DId you know that Georgia is a country of Golden Fleece? 

For millennia, travelers and merchants moved along the Great Silk Road through Georgia. Its borders and capitals changed to please the kings, rulers and conquerors, leaving their mark, but the freedom-loving spirit and character, age-old traditions and Georgian unique spirit remained unchanged to this day. 

Georgia was and remains a muse for many prominent artists known to the world. 

40% of the whole territory of Georgia is still covered with intact forests. Subtropics and desert, alpine zones and snowy peaks, are just a hundred kilometers from each other. In Georgia, you can admire captivating landscapes, ancient temples, fortresses and architectural monuments all year round.

An abundance of traditional cuisine, worthy of the most demanding gourmets. And the old method of making wine in clay vessels "Kvevri" has no equal. 

Family friendly, caring and sincere people. So much so that Georgia is visa free for more than ninety seven countries of the world. 

Alaverdi, Genatsvale! 


Welcome to Georgia!