Premium Tours in Georgia

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Travel to Georgia is a special spiritual adventure, full of emotional pleasure. It is in Georgia that the most hospitable people live, the most delicious wine rivers flow, and the feast has a special scenario that cannot be broken in any way. Our company focuses on the organization of premium tours in Georgia for its Clients. Creating a travel program, we take into account many details to make the vacations of our Clients as comfortable as possible. After all, any magic consists of unforgettable trifles.

About Premium Tours

We believe that creativity is that main pivot in creating a premium journey. Our main advantages are personalized service, customer care and soul! It is in everything we do! Our main task is not just selling a transfer or a hotel accommodation. We sell a concept of a perfect holiday, so that the Client, choosing our vacation program program, and our route, will get a unique experience and discover the genuine Georgia, with its heart in Tbilisi! Premium tours and excursions organised by Calypso - is a high-class vacation and a correct investment. With a personalized approach and a level of comfort, the emotions gained from the trip come to the fore! 

Features of the premium tour to Georgia

The main feature of the Calypso tours is its thematic content and philosophy. From the minute the Client contacted Calypso, he receives the maximum care and attention. We focus on the needs of our Client and try to exceed all expectations! 

What premium tours does Calypso offer? 

Our tours and excursions – are top of the line in the tourist market of Georgia. Each program takes into account the personalized comfort and safety of the Client in all sections of the route. Special attention is paid to gastronomy, so that guests can appreciate the dishes from the best chefs in the best restaurants. Of course, the quality of services provided in hotels is very important to us. The Calypso Travel & Event collection has eight premium tours with different routes and for a different number of days. Almost every of them starts from Tbilisi, some from Batumi. The price of the tour varies depending on the number of days, guests and directions included in the program. 

What is included in the tour price?

We work in the premium segment, which means that we select only the best and cooperate only with the best and proven partners. we will get anything, anywhere and anytime for the Client. At the same time, we are as flexible as gymnasts. We are ready to offer the best product and the best level of service so that Clients return to Georgia again and again. If we have managed to surprise and satisfy, then the Client will definitely come back to us, leave positive feedback and recommend our company to family and friends. Planning a trip to Georgia? Calypso is ready to arrange remarkable vacations for you!