Weekend Tours

Do you want to change the situation, but vacation is still far? Weekend tours and excursions - is a great solution! You will be able to visit a new country or a new city and in a short time get a bouquet of bright emotions and impressions. Rest will help to distract from everyday life and routine affairs.

What is a weekend tour?

These are specially designed guided tours with programs for 2-4 days for a short-term escape. Especially suitable for business people who do not have time for a full vacation. But from year to year this travel format becomes popular and widespread, as it includes many advantages.  

Features of weekend tour

Based on the format, the journey lasts several days, so it is important to choose the direction with a short flight. Georgia is perfect for this feature. The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi, a historic ancient city with a large number of comfortable hotels. Here you can realize a variety of excursions, both classic and quest. Also, a big privilege of this is that the country is very compact and it is possible even in a short period to cover not only the capital of Tbilisi, but also the nearby regions, which means to diversify the route and the program. The rest will turn out to be intense, colorful and memorable! Georgia is visa-free for more than 70 countries of the world, which means there is no trouble with documents and visa. And this is another pro to choose Georgia as a holiday destination. 

What weekend tours Calypso offers?

The Calypso premium collection includes several weekend tours: From Tbilisi to Tiflis and Song of the SoulThe programs are designed so that even for a short period the guest has a great opportunity to see and feel the atmosphere of the capital of Tbilisi and the surrounding regions, to get acquainted with the cuisine and learn better its culture. Also, Calypso offers to create an individual program on request, taking into account special requests.

What is included in the tour price?

The cost depends on the number of guests and days, itinerary and excursion program. Also, the price is affected by the number of lunches and dinners, the type of transport, the hotel, and additional options ordered by the Client. The most suitable dates for such a trip - all year round! We work in the premium segment, which means that we select only the best and cooperate only with the best and proven partners. And our prices are based on this principle! We are very sensitive to the quality of services provided and value our reputation. We have great pleasure in receiving positive feedback and watching our guests fall in love with Georgia! Your warm comments, letters and messages, recommendations, and most importantly, love for Georgia - are the best motivation for us! Planning a trip to Georgia? Company Calypso ready to organize the best rest with pleasure!  

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