Quest tours in Georgia

There are three amazing and unforgettable quest tours in the Premium collection of Calypso Travel & Event! 

What is a Quest Tour?

This is a journey with excursions and riddles, tasks with elements of an intellectual game. Such a travel format creates a special engagement, because from an idle walking guest a tourist becomes an active researcher who needs to be smart enough to move along the route! Modern tourism in Georgia offers travelers all new tour programs, among which, judging from the numerous reviews, Quest Tours are especially popular. During their trip to Georgia, tourists mingle into the fascinating history of this country or city (Tbilisi, Batumi), consider the facts and information they receive from their guide to be researched on their own in order to move further along the program’s route.

Features of Quest Tours

Quest brings motivation into the tour program, the journey becomes interactive. That is, the participant during the tour is actively involved in the process of studying the history of Georgia, because he needs to solve riddles and tasks related to the culture and history of the places visited. The atmosphere of travel is diluted by competitive spirit, intrigue, which allows you to get unforgettable emotions along with the impressions from the beauties you see! The feedback we receive from Calypso Clients is the best confirmation of this! 
What Quest Tours Calypso offers?

Among the popular directions of Quest Tours from Calypso are Tbilisi and Batumi. The Calypso Travel & Event collection features three tours:

"In searching of Love". This activity quest is called “In Search of Love”. Participants will look everywhere they go for the manifestations of love in the beautiful region of Kakheti. 

“A trip closer to Heaven” - A home-like atmosphere in the quest activity which is closer to the sky, becomes a fascinating tour in search of the Holy Grail based on the famous film "Mimino", directed by George Danelia. We will visit such villages as Omalo and Shenako in Tusheti, where the famous "Mimino" was filmed. This is an escape from everyday turmoil, phone calls and urban traffic jams, immersion into the atmosphere of rural life: clean mountain air, early rise, delicious food and naturalism at its best. 

“Seeking the lost Ark” Traveling activity with the exciting quest "where we are looking for the 13th chair". The Thirteenth chair, Bingo! luck and the most precious prizes! This quest will be a true intellectual pleasure! And, of course, an award to the winner from the organizers!

Quests from Calypso - this is a great opportunity to mingle in the atmosphere of the country, make new friends, remember the well-forgotten oldies-and-goldies and adore the warmth of Georgian hospitality! The heart of Georgia is Tbilisi, and Batumi is the lungs of the country where the sea breeze excites the imagination and emotions are remembered forever! The cost of tours from Calypso includes a whole package of services that meets and exceeds customer requests. The price is affected by the level of the selected hotel, the category of the room and the number of guests in the group. In addition, we work in the premium segment, which means that we select only the best and cooperate only with the best and proven partners. If you are planning a trip to Georgia, Calypso is ready to arrange the best holiday for you!

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