Exclusive tours in Georgia

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Exclusive tours from Calypso Travel & Event are well-constructed, adjusted in details trips around Tbilisi, Mtskheta and other directions, designed with a rationality principle and a desire to show genuine Georgia that we love!

Features of exclusive tours

There are a number of important indicators that distinguish Exclusive Tours from standard ones.
1. The tour program is thought out and the route is logistically verified in the details.
Proper schedule is necessary that the tour becomes informative, interesting and comfortable. All tours from Calypso are worked out and compiled by the best guides of our team.
2. Interesting information.
We rely on the uniqueness of the stories in the program of tours and a special charisma of the guide, so that the guests are not tired of the dry facts, because it is important for us to convey true spirit of the country and its people, tell the story, and also myths, legends in a way to be remembered!
3. Small groups.
Going on a journey in Exclusive Tour program, it is important to understand and comprehend the message laid by the author of the journey. And it is quite difficult if there are too many people in a group. The guide will not be able to interact with all participants equally closely, therefore, it is better to go on a journey of Exclusive Tour programs in small groups.
4. A reverent attitude to vacations and its ideological component.
When a trip is not tied to a large group, when a guide does not just do his job, but completely immerses guests in the life of the country from the inside, real magic happens! In this format of communication there is no rush. Exclusive tour should cause only enjoyment from the happening, and not an unbearable boredom.
5. Premium quality.
We focus on premium quality tours, not the number of places visited or the lowest prices. We offer comfort at reasonable prices. 
What kind of exclusive tours Calypso offers?

All the tours presented in the premium collection of our company are compiled according to the Exclusive program with excursions, tastings, lunches and dinners. For example, the tour “On a visit to Mimino” is not just a trip or a relaxation, it is a philosophy and nostalgia for the atmosphere of the well known Georgian film “Mimino”. And the tour “Kisya and Osya have been here” offers the guests a quest to find the thirteenth chair, get into those very places where the famous resourceful crooks Kisya and Osya of a well known satirical novel “The Twelve Chairs” by Ilf and Petrov, searched the diamonds hidden in an antique chair and feel the best emotions caused by good laughter and shining eyes! Our collection includes tours mainly from Tbilisi, which necessarily include a special entertaining tour round the capital of Georgia.  

What is included is the tour price?

The cost of tours from Calypso Travel & Event includes two packages of services: basic package; additional options depended on the tour program. Price for the tour varies. The price is influenced by the stars of the selected hotel, the category of the room, the number of guests in the group, lunches and dinners, as well as the type of transport and much more. We are very sensitive to the quality of services provided and value our reputation. We have great pleasure in receiving positive feedback and watching our guests falling in love with Georgia! Your warm comments, letters and messages, recommendations, and most importantly, love for Georgia - is the best motivation for us! Planning a trip to Georgia? Calypso is ready to organize an unforgettable holiday according to an Exclusive scenario!